New Photography Tech for Upcoming Photographers

As an upcoming photographer, you might be interested to know about some new technology that will change your future career. Whether this new photography tech was created specifically for photography or not, it sure is changing the way in which things work.

1. Drones

One of the recent innovations in photography is of course the drone. Drones are definitely convenient tools of the trade. They allow photographers to get angles and shots which they could previously only dream of. Yeah, drones have military applications too, but their ability to be remotely controlled and get bird’s eye views is very useful when it comes to photography.

2. Action Cameras

Action cameras are another big thing in the world of photography. While they were originally made for action junkies and sports enthusiasts, photographers are beginning to see their value too. Your hands and your camera might not always be fast enough to catch that split second phenomenon you want to get on camera. However, something like a GoPro will catch all of the action you missed.

3. Smaller File Formats

Did you know that very recently there were new file formats created for both images and videos that take up much less memory than the previous file formats? It’s a very useful innovation no doubt, because photographers can now save money on memory space. Those memory cards are quite expensive.

4. Better Resolution at Higher Speeds

Another addition to photography technology is that of the improved image and video resolution when compared to speed. Before, taking high resolution images meant taking a long time to focus, and videos just couldn’t handle many fps. However, this is now changing and the speed at which cameras can take high resolution images and videos is greatly improving.

Photography Technology

The bottom line is that there is lots of new tech to help upcoming photographers create better pictures and thus advance their careers.