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This is not a site full of accessibility guidelines! We want it to be a place where good ideas can be shared, where problems can be identified and discussed, and where the potential of multimedia to make the learning experience accessible to as many people as possible can be realised. So we want to hear from anyone who has a contribution to make – e.g. through a Case Study that focuses on a specific topic relating to multimedia, accessibility and learning.

Skills For Access – Learning to become an architect

Online learning programs have changed the way that many professions actually train their practitioners, online learning has revolutionised how people such as architects and engineers actually do their training. A great deal of the theory and learning that goes into becoming an architect, can be learned through the medium of online courses, often constructed by universities and other accredited institutions. The use of online submission portals has meant that the coursework, revision, and feedback from lecturers can all be submitted and gathered together in one handy place online.

The reason that courses that are heavy in theory are so easy to carry out online is because students can choose to learn things in their own time and at their own pace. Architecture for example relies heavily upon mathematical theory, much of which is available for download through these online E-learning portals. For a full list of universities and online resources be sure to check out the Open University.

The main advantage to people for learning these type of skills online is that they can build up their knowledge slowly and at their own pace. As well as this, gaining a background knowledge on the subject there are other various sources online and can be consulted in for example Wikipedia and other basic pages can help build a general body of understanding.

Learning practical skills like installing cheap wallpaper with skills for access

Skills for access and other e-learning portals are useful not only for more theoretical skills like and vocations such as architecture, mathematics and sciences but it is also useful for learning skills that have more practical elements to them. For example Learning to put up cheap wallpaper at home and as a profession, is another valuable skill that people are increasingly learning online. Many of these vocational online courses can often have a lot of theory behind them too, especially when the end goal is to gain an accredited qualification from a recognised body. Very few of these courses actually allow students to gain qualifications without doing on-the-job training in addition to the more theoretical parts.

skills for access

As an example, on-the-job training for a wallpaper installers, painters and decorators can often have an aspect of practical learning, for example in putting up things like cheap wallpaper, which is a skill that can also be practiced by students in their own home and in their own time. So if you’re considering learning to become a painter and decorator, someone who wallpapers or perhaps a carpenter, there are various places where you can access online courses from accredited and reputable institutions. You may need to do your research and homework in order to find an accredited institution, students should be aware that there are a number of less than reputable organisations out there.